About Us

We help people to live well until they die.

Who is Prairie Hospice?

We advance our mission of… working to ensure access to community-based end of life support
…and seek to contribute to quality of life at the end of life
by serving individuals in Saskatoon and their families


  • Non-medical client support
  • Comprehensive hospice volunteer training
  • Education and awareness
  • Advocacy for quality end of life care
emphasizing our uniqueness by




  • Supporting individuals where they are located
  • Thoughtfully matching volunteers with clients
  • Providing a consistent relationship with the same volunteer
  • Offering respite to caregivers and family members
  • Providing service at no cost to the client
  • Utilizing intentional, thoughtful, ongoing training and support for volunteers
We are sustained by



  • Collective passion and awareness of need for quality end of life care
  • Financial support from community members and businesses
  • Committed volunteers
  • Dedicated staff and board members
  • Engagement with the community


Prairie Hospice will become a model of community-based, end-of-life care offering a wide range of compassionate practices that are culturally sensitive, holistic, appropriate, and timely. The three phases that make up our vision will continue to see the expansion of our program and services.

Phase I


To continue to grow and build the Hospice Without Walls program so that we never have to refuse a request for service.
Phase II




To develop a day program that provides a stimulating time for clients and much needed respite for their caregivers. The client spends the day at the program enjoying companionship, music therapy, art therapy, wonderful food and great conversation while all the time allowing their caregiver a major break.
Phase III To develop a grief and bereavement program to assist the families we serve.
Phase IV


To be part of the creation of a residential hospice facility in Saskatoon.


Our focus is on the client and their families as a unit. Our knowledge and support has come from world-class and internationally known experts in hospice and palliative care. We continue to look for opportunities to partner and collaborate with others who have an interest in hospice care.

Our Story:

The term “hospice” can be traced back to medieval times when it referred to a place of shelter for weary or ill travellers on a long journey. The name was first applied to specialized care for dying patients by physician Dame Cicely Saunders, who founded the first modern hospice in 1967, in a residential suburb of London. Hospice has become an international movement devoted to end-of-life care. Hospice is a place, a program, and a philosophy of care.

Many studies have identified that 90% of patients prefer to die at home if the resources are available to support their choice. Sadly, the majority of natural deaths are still taking place in hospitals. The needs of these people would be better served by receiving support in homes or in a hospice setting.

Prairie Hospice Society Inc. began in 2011 with a heroic effort to purchase a building on Queen Street to begin hospice care in Saskatoon. Sadly, the bid lost, but that opportunity kick-started a wave of support. We are filled with gratitude for the enormous outpouring from the community for our efforts.

The community visioning session held on November 17, 2011 provided the opportunity to openly discuss what hospice care in Saskatoon should look like and how we should proceed. We have heard your voice and those of others, express the strong desire and hopes of many for Hospice in Saskatoon.

It takes a community to ensure compassionate and practical care in our end of life journey. Hospice represents a shared concern and a renewed effort to ensure that those in our community who are dying and their families feel welcome and cared for.

With no residential hospice and with only 12 acute care palliative beds available in the health region, palliative patients and their families were clearly under-served. Saskatoon, a city of over 265,000, was one of the very few major cities in North America without a hospice program. With the January 2013 launch of our volunteer-based program, we have now changed that. The “Hospice Without Walls” community outreach program allowed us to rapidly begin making a difference as we await the establishment of further infrastructure.

Most patients with serious illness would prefer to die at home, yet the majority of natural deaths are still taking place in hospitals. The needs and wishes of the majority of dying persons and their families would be better served by receiving support in a home or in hospice setting.

Our group works with the existing services to realize positive change in our community. Thank you to those who have already volunteered to be part of this outreach initiative. Our efforts to establish hospice services in Saskatoon are both a catalyst and a collaboration among many players.

For more information on our origins, download Hospice in Saskatoon Visioning Session Nov 17.